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Rheem Storage Heater Horizontal Type


Rheem Storage Heater Vertical Type

  • Glasslined Tank-The exclusive Rheemglas  vitreous enamelling process begins at 8700 C  which fuses coating to tank to create an impervious layer of protective surface that resists the corrosive attack of hot water chemicals.
  • Anode Rod- equalizes aggressive water action resulting from any electrochemical process in hot water. Tank life is prolonged for use.
  • Heater Jacket- external heater is protected by heavy duty precoated steel jacket which minimize damage from rough handling. Insulation- thick CFC free polyurethane insulation helps to keep the heat within the tank, thereby conserving precious energy and reducing operating cost.
  • Temperature Control- adjustable automatic thermostat regulates temperature to within safe limits. In addition, it has a thermal safety overload which cuts off electrical power in an unlikely event if temperature rises to an unsafe level.
  • Heating Element- low density incology sheathed stainless steel immersion element ensures the most efficient heat transfer to water and resists premature failure due to “dry firing” when water is inadvertently drained off from the tank.
  • TPR Valve- industrial grade temperature and pressure relief valve prevents pressure from  exceeding preset value and prevents the temperature from rising too high by releasing water to the floor trap via the drain pipe.
  • Servicing- location of the service panel along the heater body facilitates easy access for maintenance and servicing. Installation- space saving horizontal layout using universal bracket for both wall or ceiling mounting. All brackets and mounting accessories are included.

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